Air Quality Action Plan - our response

Read our response to Westminster Council's Air Quality Action Plan.

Air Quality Action Plan - our response

In answer to Question 3 on reducing emissions from transport, we will put this in the comments box:

We are extremely disappointed and concerned by the weakness of these proposed actions, in a borough plagued by illegal levels of air pollution from road transport. We ask you to:

  • Set a measurable target to reduce air pollution, as the City of London has done: "Our aim: For nitrogen dioxide to meet health-based Limit Values and WHO Guidelines in over 90% of the Square Mile by 2025 and support the Mayor of London to meet WHO Guidelines for PM10 and PM2.5 by 2030" (City of London Air Quality Strategy 2019-2024).
  • Set a measurable target to reduce all traffic, not just the more polluting vehicles. The City of London's target is a 25% reduction by 2030 and a 50% reduction by 2044.
  • Create low traffic neighbourhoods. Closing roads to through traffic discourages short car journeys and prioritises walking and cycling. Waltham Forest has closed 40 roads to rat-running traffic in 5 years - what's Westminster's target?
  • Make pedestrians kings of the street. Create more car-free and low-traffic streets, widen pavements, reduce wait times at pedestrian crossings, turn parking spaces into parklets and bike parking, hold monthly or weekly car-free days. Set measurable targets for each.
  • Create a safe, direct cycling network for all ages and abilities across the whole borough. How many kilometres of protected bike lane will you provide by 2024? How long until every resident lives within 400 metres of a cycle route?

For Question 5, our comment will be:

  • Set a measurable target to roll out 'school streets' across the borough. By what year will every eligible primary school have one in Westminster?

And finally, for Question 11, we choose: 'Reducing air pollution in Westminster is mostly the responsibility of Westminster City Council'.

Please complete the survey by 25 February. And if you want healthy streets in Westminster, join our mailing list to show your support - all of our asks are about reducing motor traffic and reclaiming streets for people!